Former USCIS Officers
provide you a 45-min practice Green Card interview for $195

Our former USCIS Officers have up to 30 years experience:

  • - Review your documents
  • - Q&A with the former Officer
  • - Simulate an actual USCIS interview experience.

También podemos proporcionar entrevistas prácticas de inmigración en español.

Types of interview we can help with

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Green Card marriage interview
(I-485/I-130 )
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Green Card interview (I-485) including EB-1, EB-2, and EB-3
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Refugee/Asylum Green Card interview (I-485)
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Citizenship interview (N-400)
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Parent of US citizen interview (I-485)
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Green Card lottery interview (I-485)
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Stokes second marriage interview
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Removal of 2-year conditional residency restrictions (I-751)
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EB-5 Green Card interviews (I-485)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?

Our company consists of former USCIS Officers -- some of whom have worked over 30 years for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Internet technology professionals who have been in the industry for over 25 years.


What service do we provide?

We provide Green Card applicants the opportunity to undergo a practice immigration interview with retired USCIS Officers who bring with them years of real-world experience evaluating, approving, and denying immigration applicants.


What is the value of this practice interview?

It sometimes takes 1-4 years to get an appointment for a final immigration interview. As the final step in the immigration process, that interview will be one of the most important interviews of your life.


How will I know with whom I am speaking?

Each former USCIS Officer will introduce themselves and explain their background, including what location and how many years they worked at USCIS.


Can I discuss a specific problem or concern that I will have at my green card interview?

Yes; you can discuss a specific problem or concern with the former USCIS Officer handling your practice interview. As stated above, the process will begin with your Officer providing some brief background information...


What Our Customers Say About Us

This was our second marriage interview and we were really nervous. At first, we didn’t know why we needed another interview. We didn’t know what to expect or what the officer was going to ask us, but we knew that it was going to be our last chance. Thankfully, the practice interview was really helpful. The former officer answered all our questions and walked us through what was going to happen. It made us much less nervous for our real interview.

Eduardo C.
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We waited over 3 years for our green card interview and didn’t want to take any chances of forgetting a document or messing up an answer. We wanted to do a practice interview so there were no surprises. Officer Interview did not disappoint us. The practice interview gave us peace of mind and made us less anxious.

Natasha P.
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We moved a couple of times during our marriage and we were worried that the different locations and documents would be a problem during our final interview. The former USCIS [Officer] answered our questions before our practice interview. Even he gave us a live simulation of a real interview. It’s really helpful to go through an interview once and then know what’s going to happen at a second interview. I very much recommend this service.

Pranav S.
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