What documents should you bring to your marriage Green Card interview?

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There are many different types of documents that you will need at your marriage Green Card interview. The goal is to prove that your marriage is legal and authentic, but your adjudications officer is also going to be interested to learn as much about you as possible.

1. Common Identification Documents

You will need to bring records that verify your identity. You and your spouse will not need all of these records, but it is important to provide some form of identification with an address that matches your marital residence. Common identification documents might include your:

  • birth certificate,
  • passport,
  • driver’s license,
  • marriage license,
  • divorce certificate,
  • most recent pay stubs, and
  • most recent tax returns.

2. Proving Your Marriage is Legal

The best way to prove that your marriage is legal is through a: 

  • valid marriage certificate.
Couple signing marriage certificate at the table

3. Records That Show Your Marriage is Authentic 

When it comes to the authenticity of your marriage, you need to show that you are living together as a married couple. Joint ownership of real estate or shared responsibility in paying a mortgage or lease is important. These documents include a:

  • property deed in both your names,
  • joint mortgage statement, and
  • joint lease or sublease.

Other common documents that help show you reside together as a married couple are: 

  • utility bills,
  • phone bills, and
  • cable bills. 
Smartphone with the bank app paying the bill laying on the folder on the table

4. Sharing Financial Responsibility

Married couples often share financial burdens outside of paying for the marital residence. Records that can be used to show you share financial responsibilities include financial documents with both of your names listed, such as:

  • joint bank statements, 
  • joint tax returns,
  • joint credit cards, and
  • joint insurance policies (life, health, auto, homeowners, etc.). 

5. Other Ways to Prove A Marital Relationship

In addition to the items listed above, you should bring to your interview any records or documents that prove you are doing things together and sharing your life with family and friends. Be prepared to show the adjudications officer:

  • plane tickets you purchased together,
  • joint hotel reservations, and/or
  • photos of you together, including some with your family, and friends. 
Polish passport, flight tickets and other travel documents  laying on white table

6. Criminal Record Documents

You will need copies of any documents that involve criminal charges filed against you, especially records that show the charges were resolved in your favor. These records include:

  • police reports,
  • arrest records,
  • documents that reflect a formal criminal charge, and
  • records that show probation and fines were completed and no case is pending.
criminal background check form and a pen laying on the table

7. Are You a Public Charge? 

The adjudications officer will need to verify that you can support yourselves as a married couple. You should bring copies of any records that show you received government benefits in the past, and be prepared to show that you do not need additional support moving forward.

8. Do You Have a Cosponsor?

If you have someone who is cosponsoring your application, the adjudications officer will want information about your cosponsor. Your cosponsor or joint sponsor must provide:  

  • updated U.S. tax returns
  • recent pay stubs 
  • any other records verifying employment 

Supporting documents are an important part of all types of Green Card interviews but even more so when it comes to a marriage Green Card. Many different types of documents will be needed to prove that your marriage is legal and authentic. Although you will not need all of the documents discussed above, the more you bring the better off you will be.



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