This was our second marriage interview and we were really nervous. At first, we didn’t know why we needed another interview. We didn’t know what to expect or what the officer was going to ask us, but we knew that it was going to be our last chance. Thankfully, the practice interview was really helpful. The former officer answered all our questions and walked us through what was going to happen. It made us much less nervous for our real interview.

Eduardo C.
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We waited over 3 years for our green card interview and didn’t want to take any chances of forgetting a document or messing up an answer. We wanted to do a practice interview so there were no surprises. Officer Interview did not disappoint us. The practice interview gave us peace of mind and made us less anxious.

Natasha P.
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We moved a couple of times during our marriage and we were worried that the different locations and documents would be a problem during our final interview. The former USCIS [Officer] answered our questions before our practice interview. Even he gave us a live simulation of a real interview. It’s really helpful to go through an interview once and then know what’s going to happen at a second interview. I very much recommend this service.

Pranav S.
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Officer Interview was beneficial even though we were well prepared. My husband and I gathered all the documents we needed for our interview and believed we were ready. But USCIS canceled and rescheduled our interview twice. We couldn’t risk more delays and wanted to make sure we didn’t make any mistakes. Going through a practice process gave us confidence to answer the questions quickly and correctly when they were repeated at our real interview. The former USCIS officer also asked questions and gave us tips that we didn’t think of on our own. Thank you Officer Interview!

Racquel S.
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I’ve been in the United States for over 10 years and was really nervous about my green card interview. I used Officer Interview and it really helped me go over the strengths of my case and address the weaknesses. The former Officer prepared me well so I was less nervous and more comfortable at the actual green card interview, and I now have a green card. I highly recommend this service or anybody who is nervous about the green card interview.

Oxana S.
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I thought we were going to be fine for the green card interview but my wife insisted that we do a practice green card interview. The former officer reviewed the process with us, asked us hard practice questions and addressed all of our concerns. It really helped really when we did the real green card interview, and my wife received her green card less than two weeks after the USCIS interview. Thank you Officer Interview. We felt very prepared and organized going into the real interview. Husband’s given name and first initial

Nick W
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Be Prepared for your Green Card interview.

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